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Children of Bodom Sheet Music and Music Books

Children of Bodom guitar tab Download Children of Bodom music sheets for Bastards Of Bodom, Are You Dead Yet, In Your Face, Hellhounds On My Trail, Blooddrunk, Punch Me I Bleed and more here.

Click on the Children of Bodom songs, to view the sheet music for piano and guitar tab with lyrics, plus listen to free midi previews. All of the digital guitar sheet music includes an audio playback.
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Children of Bodom Songbooks

Children of Bodom Songs The Children of Bodom - Are You Dead Yet sheet music book includes 10 songs from the fifth studio CD of these Finnish death metal rockers.

Find guitar tab for Are You Dead Yet, Bastards Of Bodom, If You Want Peace, Prepare For War, In Your Face, Living Dead Beat, Next In Line, Punch Me I Bleed, Somebody Put Something In My Drink, Trashed, Lost & Strungout and We're Not Gonna Fall.

Blooddrunk The Blooddrunk sheet music book includes 9 songs from Children of Bodom's sixth CD.

Find guitar tab for Done with Everything, Die for Nothing, Banned from Heaven, Blooddrunk, Hellhounds on My Trail, LoBodomy, One Day You Will Cry, Roadkill Morning, Smile Pretty for the Devil and Tie My Rope.

Legendary Licks The Legendary Licks sheet music book and CD includes 12 songs by Children of Bodom. The book contains note-for-note transcriptions and performance notes on how to play the classic guitar licks, fills, riffs, and solos. Recorded demos and slowed-down versions are on the CD for the fast parts.
Find guitar tab for Angels Don't Kill, Are You Dead Yet, Downfall, Everytime I Die, Hate Crew Deathroll, Hellhounds on My Trail, In Your Face, Living Dead Beat, Needled 24/7, Sixpounder, Tie My Rope and We're Not Gonna Fall.

Metal Guitar The Metal Guitar DVD features Alexi Laiho from Children of Bodom, whom is known for his incredible six-string momentum and melodic speed. In Level 1 he will challenge you to expand your mind and your own guitar mastery. You will learn single note heavy riffs used to create songs and his favorite scales used to create melodic and shredding leads. He shares with you his personal tricks for speed, sweep picking, pivoting, pick harmonics, whammy bar technique and right-hand tapping. Alexi will teach you chord voicings he uses to create powerful guitar progressions and a whole lot more. The killer backing tracks included put you at the center of your own metal band. Features included are iPod-ready video, follow-along tab book, free lifetime membership for online lesson support, authored for Zone 0 and more.

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