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Dream Theater Keyboard Anthology Download Dream Theater sheet music for Wait for Sleep, Space-Dye Vest, Far From Heaven, Metropolis Part 1, Wither, Learning To Live, The Best of Times and more here.

Click on the Dream Theater songs, to download sheet music for piano and guitar tab with lyrics, plus listen to free midi previews. All of the digital sheet music includes an audio playback. You can also change the key on selected songs.
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Dream Theater Songbooks

Keyboard Experience Featuring Jordan Rudess The Keyboard Experience with Jordan Rudess sheet music book contains 16 Dream Theater songs

Find sheet music for Take the Time, Blind Faith, Space-Dye Vest, Octavarium, Honor Thy Father, The Ministry of Lost Souls, In the Presence of Enemies, Part 1, In the Presence of Enemies, Part 2, Bee Enemy, Bending Time, Dancing Home, Hand Faith, Honor Your Teacher, Octawizard, Spacetude Vest and The Lost Etude.

Dream Theater Keyboard Anthology The Dream Theater Keyboard sheet music book contains the electronic keyboard parts for 14 Dream Theater songs

Find piano sheet music for Metropolis Pt. 1, Wait for Sleep, Learning to Live, Six O'clock, Scarred, Overture 1928, Through My Words, Fatal Tragedy, Beyond the Life, Finally Free, Great Debate, Selections from Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, Vacant, Stream of Consciousness and Endless Sacrifice.

Awake The Awake sheet music book contains 11 Dream Theater songs

Find guitar tab for 6:00, Lie, Space-Dye Vest, Caught In a Web, Innocence Faded, Erotomania, Voices, The Silent Man, The Mirror, Lifting Shadows Off a Dream and Scarred.

Images and Words The Images and Words sheet music book contains eight Dream Theater songs

Find guitar tab for Another Day, Learning To Live, Metropolis-Part 1 "the Miracle and the Sleeper", Pull Me Under, Surrounded, Take the Time, Wait for Sleep and Under a Glass Moon.

Full Score Anthology The Full Score Anthology sheet music book includes seven songs by Dream Theater with score for keyboard, bass guitar, drum set, guitar, score and voice.

Find guitar tab for Dance of Eternity, Erotomania, Home, Just Let Me Breath, Peruvian Skies, Under a Glass Moon and Voices.

Scenes from a Memory The Scenes from a Memory sheet music book contains 12 Dream Theater songs

Find guitar tab for Scene One: Regression, Scene Two: I. Overture 1928, Scene Two: II. Strange Deja Vu, Scene Three: I. Through My Words, Scene Three: II. Fatal Tragedy, Scene Four: Beyond This Life, Scene Five: Through Her Eyes, Scene Six: Home, Scene Seven: I. The Dance of Eternity, Scene Seven: II. One Last Time, Scene Eight: The Spirit Carries On and Scene Nine: Finally Free.

Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence The Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence sheet music book includes 13 songs by Dream Theater.

Find electric guitar tab for The Glass Prison, Blind Faith, Misunderstood, The Great Debate, Disappear, Overture, About to Crash, War Inside My Head, The Test that Stumped Them All, Goodnight Kiss, Solitary Shell, About To Crash (Reprise) and Losing Time/Grand Finale.

Octavarium The Octavarium sheet music book contains seven songs by Dream Theatre.

Find guitar tab for The Root of All Evil, The Answer Lies Within, These Walls, I Walk Beside You, Panic Attack, Never Enough, Sacrificed Sons and Octavarium.

Train of Thought The Train of Thought sheet music book contains songs by Dream Theatre.

Find guitar tab for As I Am, This Dying Soul, Endless Sacrifice, Honor Thy Father, Vacant, Stream of Consciousness, of God.

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