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Halloween Sheet Music with Audio and Songbooks

Halloween Song lyrics Download Halloween sheet music for This Is Halloween, The Monster Mash, Teddy Bears Picnic, Funeral March of the Marionettes and more here.

Click on the Halloween songs listed below, to download sheet music for piano with lyrics and piano solos, plus listen to free midi previews. All of the digital sheet music includes an audio playback. You can also change the key on selected songs.
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Get over 60% off regular prices for 12 Scary Movie Themes for Solo Piano music sheets for piano and voice with lyrics, guitar chords and midi playback right here. This digital sheet music collection includes: Halloween (Main Theme, Tubular Bells, Every 27 Years, Ghostbusters, Theme from Jaws, The Great Pumpkin Waltz, I. Prelude (from Psycho), A Nightmare on Elm Street, Theme from Dracula, Hello Zepp, The Addams Family and Friday the 13th.
Get over 60% off regular prices for 13 Halloween songs music sheets for piano and voice with lyrics, guitar chords and midi playback right here. This digital sheet music collection includes: Werewolves of London, Spooky, Don't Fear the Reaper, People Are Strange, Season of the Witch, Lil' Red Riding Hood, Monster Mash, Witch Doctor, Ghostbusters, Dead Man's Party, Thriller, The Great Pumpkin Waltz and The Purple People Eater.
Most Popular Halloween Songs
Get over 60% off regular prices for 12 Hair-Raising Horror Movie Theme Songs music sheets for piano and voice with lyrics, guitar chords and midi playback right here. This digital sheet music collection includes: Halloween (Main Theme), Tubular Bells (Theme from The Exorcist), Psycho (Prelude), A Nightmare on Elm Street, Hello Zepp (Theme from Saw), Friday the 13th Theme, Theme from Jaws, Helen's Theme (from Candyman Suite), In the House - In a Heartbeat, Ave Satani Theme from The Omen, Gremlin Rag (Theme from Gremlins) and Poltergeist (Main Theme).
Save over 60% when you download sheet music for piano with lyrics and audio playback for 10 Super Creepy songs. This digital collection includes The Skeleton Rag, I Put a Spell on You, In the House - In a Heartbeat, Somebody's Watching Me, Riders on the Storm, Dead Man Blues, Have You Seen the Ghost of John, Danse Macabre (excerpt), Bad Things, Tubular Bells and is available right here!

Corpse Bride The Corpse Bride sheet music book by Danny Elfman, includes lyrics, melody lines, guitar chords, and piano accompaniment for many of the songs in the movie.

Find sheet music for Corpse Bride (Main Title), Victor's Piano Solo, Remains of the Day, The Piano Duet, According To Plan, Tears To Shed and Moon Dance, The Wedding Song, Ball and Socket Lounge Music No. 1 (band version), Ball and Socket Lounge Music No. 2 and Remains of the Day (piano solo)

The Nightmare Before Christmas The Nightmare Before Christmas contains 11 songs by Danny Elfman.

Find sheet music for This Is Halloween, Jack's Lament, Jack's Obsession, Kidnap the Sandy Claws, Making Christmas, Oogie Boogie's Song, Poor Jack, Sally's Song, Town Meeting Song, What's This and Finale/Reprise.

Spooktacular The Spooktacular sheet music with lyrics book contains 36 songs.
Find sheet music for Addams Family, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Casper The Friendly Ghost, Ding-Dong The Witch Is Dead, Dinner With Dracula, Don't Fear The Reaper, Dracula, Frankenstein, Funeral March, Funeral March Of A Marionette, Ghostbusters, Haunted House, Highway To Hell, Little Shop Of Horrors, Monster Mash, The Mummy, The Munsters, The Phantom Of The Opera, Psycho, Purple People Eater, Silence Of The Lambs, The Simpsons TM Halloween Special, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Spooky, Tales From The Crypt, The Thing, This Is Halloween, Thriller, Time Warp, Toccata & Fugue In D Minor, Tubular Bells, Twilight Zone, Welcome To My Nightmare, Werewolves Of London and Theme From The X-Files.

Addams Family The Addams Family sheet music with lyrics book includes vocal lines with piano accompaniment for 14 songs by Andrew Lippa.

Find sheet music for The Addams Family Theme, Crazier Than You, Happy/Sad, In the Arms, Just Around the Corner, Let's Not Talk About Anything Else but Love, Live Before We Die, The Moon and Me, Morticia, One Normal Night, Pulled, Waiting, What If and When You're an Addams.

Pumpkin Head Harvey The Halloween SongBOOk includes 27 scary songs.

Find sheet music for Ghostbusters, Interview with the Vampire, This Is Halloween, Monster Mash, Pumpkin Head Harvey, The Purple People Eater, Welcome to My Nightmare, Werewolves of London, Witchy Woman, Dance Macabre, Funeral March of a Marionette (Alfred Hitchcock Presents Theme) and more.

Little Shop of Horrors The Little Shop of Horrors includes 13 songs from the movie soundtrack.

Find piano and vocal sheet music with lyrics for Dentist, Finale, Feed Me, Grow for Me, The Meek Shall Inherit, Skid Row, Somewhere That's Green, Suddenly, Seymour, Da-Doo, Suppertime, Prologue, Mean Green Mother From Outerspace and Some Fun Now.

Halloween Songbook The Halloween Songbook includes 16 spooky songs.

Find piano sheet music with lyrics for Monster Mash, Ghost Riders In The Sky (A Cowboy Legend), Moans, Groans And Skeleton Bones, Casper The Friendly Ghost, Purple People Eater, Funeral March (Piano Sonata in B flat), The Addams Family Theme, This Is Halloween, The Thing, It's A Monsters' Holiday, A Hootin' Howlin' Halloween, Halloween Song and Funeral March Of A Marionette.

Rocky Horror Show Sing-Along The Rocky Horror Show Sing-Along book includes 18 songs arranged for piano (or keyboard) and voice, with lyrics and guitar chords.

Find sheet music for Damn It, Eddie's Teddy, Floor Show, Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul, I Can Make You A Man, I'm Going Home, Janet, Once In A While, Over At The Frankenstein Place, Planet Schmanet, Science Fiction: Double Feature, Super Heroes, Sweet Transvestite, The Sword Of Damocles, The Time Warp and Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me

Choral Ensemble Scoring for Choir Choral Ensemble Scoring for Choir sheet music book includes 10 original holiday songs, with upbeat dance rhythms and contemporary music styles, from calypso and rock to disco and rap. This collection comes complete with reproducible songsheets, activity pages and a suggested reading list.
Find scoring for choir and choral ensemble for Halloween Rock and Roll, It's Halloween, Jack! Jack!, Me and My Mummy, Monster Eyes, Monster Halloween, Sarcophagus Shuffle, Skeleton Bones, Ride the Witch's Broom and The Monster Lullaby.

Find more music books for popular Halloween songs here.
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Halloween Song lyrics

Christmas Songs free preview Find sheet music and guitar tab here!

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Monster Mash
sheet music

Monster Mash free preview

Fright Time
Fright Time
- Bat Dance
- Ghost Story
- Scary (Not!)
- In Salem Town
- Mysterious March
- Invaders of the Night - Frankenstein's Footsteps

Halloween Hoedown

Halloween Footsteps

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