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Notation Musician Learn how to make sheet music for free during a fully functional trial period of Notation Musician 3 here.

Notation Musician is an invaluable tool for any musician who reads music, notes, or wishes they could. Follow the notes on your screen as you listen to your favorite music, whether a song or a symphony. Notation Musician is an eye-opening study aid, a source of accurate sheet music, an untiring accompanist, and an excellent practice tool.

With Notation Musician 3, you will be able to:
  • Enhance your enjoyment and understanding of music by watching the notes on your computer screen as you listen to the song.
  • Download music easily from the internet, and Notation Musician will display the score on the screen as the music plays.
  • Control the tempo of the music, and slow it down for closer study.
  • Change the volume of each instrument in order to hear the part that you are most interested in.
  • Transpose the sheet music into the correct key for your instrument.
  • Play your instrument and/or sing along with the music, as you read your part from the screen.
  • Mute your instrument as part in the score, and provide that part yourself as MidiNotate Musician accompanies you.
  • Set up practice loops to perfect your playing.
  • Add song lyrics and melody, then display it all in a large format sing-along part, where you can read the words and melody easily from the screen.
  • Produce your own customized sheet music from the many music files available on the internet.
  • Share the music you like with your musical group or friends.
  • Add or edit lyrics to make the song your own.
  • Easily produce piano music by splitting a musical track correctly into right-hand and left-hand parts.
  • Prepare a piano reduction of a score with a single command. If you play guitar, autoharp, or piano, rearrange the score into a leadsheet music book with guitar chord names. If you play a woodwind or brass instrument, you can transpose your sheet music into the correct key for your instrument.

Other Notation Musician 3 features include:
- full Yamaha XF chord format support for users with Yamaha keyboards which can be used for practice or gigs.
- expanded MIDI filetype support which allows users can export and import MIDI files in the format specific to their device, including SysEx specific events. This preserves those cool sounds in imported/exported .mid files that users want from their keyboards and synthesizers
- a German language version which incorporates German-style notation specifics.

Learn how to read sheet music notation by using Notation Musician 3 to display the notes for songs that you already know and like. Before you know it, you will be following along and learning the notes on the screen.

Download a free, fully functional trial of Notation Musician 3 here.

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Stop buying expensive sheet music. Learn to read music by studying the score as it plays. See the notes that each instrument plays, just like a conductor does.
  • Find, download, and unzip midi files from the Internet, using the Notation Musician built-in browser.
  • Convert MIDI (.mid) and Karaoke (.kar) files to sheet music with amazing accuracy.
  • View the sheet music and song lyrics on the screen as the midi notes play.
  • Print the sheet music at any font size.
  • The Notation Musician uses exactly the same MIDI-to-notation transcription technology that is used in all of Notation Software's products. The Notation Musician transcribes MIDI to music notes better than you can do on your own, or even the most expensive notation programs.

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