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Muse Songs Download Muse sheet music for Uprising, Dead Inside, Starlight, Psycho, Exogenesis: Symphony Part III (Redemption), Survival and more here. Click on the Muse songs, to download sheet music for piano and guitar tab with lyrics, plus listen to free midi previews. All of the digital sheet music includes an audio playback. You can also transpose the key on selected songs.
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Muse Songbooks

The 2nd Law The 2nd Law sheet music book contains 13 songs from Muse's 2012 release.

Find sheet music for Animals, Big Freeze, Explorers, Follow Me, Liquid State, Madness, Panic Station, Prelude, Save Me, The 2nd Law: Isolated System, The 2nd Law: Unsustainable, Supremacy and Survival.

Resistance The Resistance sheet music book contains 11 Muse songs.

Find sheet music for piano and vocals with lyrics and guitar chords for Exogenesis: Symphony Part 2 (Cross-Pollination), Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 (Redemption), Unnatural Selection, Mk Ultra, Guiding Light, United States of Eurasia (+ Collateral Damage), Uprising, Undisclosed Desires, Resistance, Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture) and I Belong to You (New Moon Remix).

Piano Songbook The Piano Songbook contains 22 songs from the five albums of the progressive hard rock band Muse.
Find sheet music for Apocalypse Please, Blackout, Butterflies & Hurricanes, Endlessly, Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 1 (Overture), Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 2 (Cross-Pollination), Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 3 (Redemption), Feeling Good, Hoodoo, I Belong to You, Invincible, Neutron Star Collision, Resistance, Ruled by Secrecy, Sing for Absolution, Soldier's Poem, Space Dementia, Starlight, Sunburn, Take a Bow, Undisclosed Desires,and United States of Eurasia / Collateral Damage.

Origin of Symmetry The Origin of Symmetry sheet music book contains 11 songs by Muse.

Find guitar tab for New Born, Bliss, Space Dementia, Hyper Music, Plug In Baby, Citizen Erased, Micro Cuts, Feeling Good, Screenager, Dark Shines aned Megalomania.

Black Holes and Revelations The Black Holes and Revelations sheet music book includes all the parts played by each instrument, and condenses them into arrangements playable on piano or keyboard. The vocal melodies, lyrics and basic guitar chords are included for 11 Muse songs.

Find piano sheet music for Assassin, City of Delusion, Exo-Politics, Hoodoo, Invincible, Knights of Cydonia, Map of the Problematique, Soldier's Poem, Starlight, Supermassive Black Hole and Take a Bow.

Black Holes and Revelations The Black Holes and Revelations sheet music book includes 11 Muse songs.

Find Muse guitar tab for Take a Bow, Starlight, Supermassive Black Hole, Map of the Problematique, Soldier's Poem, Invincible, Assassin, Exo-Politics, City of Delusion, Hoodoo and Knights of Cydonia.

Absolution The Absolution sheet music book includes 13 Muse songs.

Find Muse guitar tab for Apocalypse Please, Time Is Running Out, Sing for Absolution, Stockholm Syndrome, Falling Away with You, Interlude, Hysteria, Blackout, Butterflies & Hurricanes, The Small Print, Endlessly, Thoughts of a Dying Atheist and Ruled by Secrecy.

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