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Quincy Jones songs Download Quincy Jones sheet music for Everything Must Change, Just Once, Moody's Mood for Love, Baby, Come To Me, Sax In the Garden, I'm Gonna Miss You in the Morning and more here.

Click on the Quincy Jones songs, to view the sheet music for piano and voice with lyrics and guitar chords, plus listen to free midi previews. All of the digital sheet music includes an audio playback. You can also transpose the key on selected songs.
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Quincy Jones Songbooks

Art and Soul The Art and Soul sheet music book contains photos and 20 songs by bandleader, musician, songwriter, producer, arranger, film composer, and record label executive Quincy Jones.
Find sheet music for We Are The World, All I Need, Come Fly With Me, Doodlin', Emerald City Sequence, The Ironside Theme, Let The Good Times Roll, Man In The Mirror, Many Rains Ago (Oluwa), Miss Celie's Blues (Sister), One Hundred Ways, Theme From 'The Pawnbroker', P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing), Quintessence, Sanford And Son Theme, The Secret Garden (Sweet Seduction), Sermonette, Soul Bossa Nova, Strawberry Letter 23 and Tomorrow (A Better You, A Better Me),

The Wiz The Wiz, from the remake of The Wizard of Oz, sheet music book contains songs as composed by Quincy Jones, plus Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson, Charlie Smalls, Luther Vandross and more composers.
Find sheet music for Emerald City Squence, Is This What Feeling Gets, (Dorothy's Theme), Can I Go On, The Feeling That We Have, What Would I Do If I Could Feel, A Brand New Day, Ease on Down the Road, Home, He's the Wizard, Be a Lion, The Feeling We Once Had, What Would I Do If I Could Feel, Slide Some Oil To Me, You Can't Win, Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News, Soon As I Get Home, I'm A Mean Ole Lion and Believe In Yourself.

Belly Roll The Belly Roll jazz ensemble sheet music book is an arrangement of a collaboration between Quincy Jones and Sammy Nestico. The Belly Roll is a medium shuffle blues piece, with a captivating groove and solo space for tenor, trumpet, alto and guitar. Check out the slippery, sliding unison saxes as they state the melody and a shout chorus that truly roars.

Soul Bossa Nova The Soul Bossa Nova sheet music book contains scoring for concert band. You may recognize the Soul Bossa Nova score, composed by Quincy Jones, from the popular Austin Powers movies. This style of bossa nova can be learned, even at the young band level. Clear articulations, combined with the driving rhythmic melody, make this chart an energetic addition to any concert band program. The flutes introduce the melody, after the groove is established. Then the whole ensemble chimes in, making it a strong choice to help reinforce style and counting.

Contemporary R&B The Contemporary R&B sheet music book includes 35 songs from popular R&B performers.

Find piano sheet music for All My Life, You're Makin' Me High, Nobody, I'll Be Missing You, Heartbreaker, Bring It All To Me, Get It On Tonite, It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday, On and On, Together Again, No Matter What, Don't Take It Personal (Just One of Dem Days), Count On Me, Exhale (Shoop Shoop), Sittin' Up In My Room and more.

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