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Find songwriting resources and learn how to write songs with the books on techniques, tools, lessons and more online here.
Songwriting for Beginners Songwriting for Beginners teaches you how to write a melody, plus chord progressions, develop your own song ideas, write songlyrics and more. You will also learn how to read music, including basic keyboard and guitar chord diagrams. This book includes instructions on how to protect and copyright your songs. You will learn to develop your creativity with the first-ever, fun, basic method for songwriting, no matter what style of music you enjoy.

How To Write Songs on Guitar The How To Write Songs on Guitar is a guitar playing resources book for those who want to learn how to write a song, and play the songs they write on guitar. Popular songs are used in the course with easy to understand text and pictures that clearly explain and demonstrate how to write lyrics and music, including melody, harmony and rhythm.

Teach Yourself Songwriting The Teach Yourself songwriting book and CD is for songwriters and provides songwriting lessons and resources for writing lyrics and music composition. Included are lessons on the basics of music, arranging versus songwriting, hooks, melody, and form. Copyrights, music publishing and advice on how to make money as a songwriter are clearly explained. All the examples displayed in the book are shown on the CD.

Songwriting Tips The Songwriting Tips by Bruce Springsteen book and CD includes songwriting ideas, lessons and techniques for writing lyrics and compositions of music. Basics music lessons, arranging, hooks, melody, form and more are covered. Also included are excellent suggestions on how to make money as a songwriter, and instructions on how to copyright and publish your songs. All the examples shown in the book are clearly displayed on the CD.

Rhyming Guide The Rhyming Guide by Pat Pattison is a a step-by-step guide for writing rhymes and and song lyrics. Rhyming is one of the most important parts for writing songlyrics. This guide clearly explains the technical information necessary to develop your songwriting skills, with exercises and worksheets that even helps experienced songwriters review their own techniques, and stop beginners from starting off with bad habits. This book helps songwriters write songs better than they ever have before.

Words, the Music and the Money The Words, the Music and the Money resources book is excellent for the aspiring songwriter. Songwriting tips on basic song forms and advice on how to succeed in the music business are included. Associate Professor of Music Business Management at the University of Colorado, and the former National Education Coordinator for the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Dick Weissman, shares his knowledge on how to compose effective songlyrics, melodies and hooks. He also breakdowns a variety of music styles, from country to folk to rock to hip hop and more styles. This book comes with a CD which clearly shows all the examples shown in the book. Previous musical notation knowledge is not required.

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