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Steve Vai songs Download Steve Vai sheet music with guitar tab for Eugene's Trick Bag, For the Love of God, Sunshine Electric Raindrops, Highly Strung and more here.

Click on the Steve Vai songs listed here, to download guitar tab with lyrics, plus listen to free midi previews. All of the digital sheet music includes an audio playback.
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Steve Vai Songbooks

Steve Vai - Elusive Light and Sound The Elusive Light and Sound sheet music book contains 32 Steve Vai songs from the movies, films and TV soundtracks. Also included are note by note transcriptions of the duel scene in Crossroads, between Vai and Ry Cooder.
Find guitar tab for Amazing Grace, The Battle, Air Guitar Hell, Butler's Bag, Don't Sweat It, Drive The Hell Out Of Here, Eugene's Trick Bag, Final Guitar Solo, Find The Meat, Fried Chicken, Get The Hell Out Of Here, Head Cuttin' Duel, Hey Jack, How Hidge, Initiation, Introducing The Wylde Stallions, Louisiana Swamp Swank, Love Blood and more.

Ultra Zone: Naked Vamps The Ultra Zone: Naked Vamps sheet music book includes Steve Vai signature guitar licks. The backing tracks on the CD were mixed and produced personally by Steve.

Find guitar tab for The Blood and Tears, I'll Be Around, Jibboom, The Silent Within, The Ultra Zone, Voodoo Acid and Windows to the Soul.

Guitar Styles and Techniques The Guitar Styles and Techniques book by Steve Vai contains 8 songs with backing tracks from Passion and Warfare and Sex and Religion.

Find guitar tab for Answers, The Animal, Rescue Me Or Bury Me, The Riddle, Sex & Religion, Touching Tongues, Still My Bleeding Heart and For The Love Of God.

Alien Love Secrets: Naked Vamps The Alien Love Secrets: Naked Vamps sheet music book by Steve Vai includes a with a play along CD with backing tracks for 7 songs from Alien Love Secrets.

Find guitar tab for Tender Surrender, Bad Horsie, Die To Live, The Boy From Seattle, Ya-Yo Gakk, Kill The Guy With The Ball/The God Eaters and Juice.

Passion and Warfare The Passion and Warfare book includes 14 Steve Vai songs and color photos.

Find guitar tab for The Riddle, The Audience Is Listening, Answers, Blue Powder, Greasy Kids Stuff, I Would Love To, The Animal, Alien Water Kiss, Ballerina 12/24, Love Secrets, Erotic Nightmares, Sisters, For The Love Of God and Liberty.

Sex and Religion The Sex and Religion sheet music book contains Steve Vai pictures and 14 songs.

Find guitar tab for Here & Now, In My Dreams With You, Dirty Black Hole, Still My Bleeding Heart, An Earth Dweller's Return, Rescue Me Or Bury Me, Down Deep Into The Pain, Sex & Religion, The Road To Mt. Calvary, Touching Tongues, Survive, Pig and State Of Grace.

Ultra Zone The Ultra Zone book contains illustrations and color pictures of Steve Vai.

Find guitar tab for Asian Sky, The Blood & Tears, Fever Dream, Here I Am, I'll Be Around, Lucky Charms, Oooo, The Silent Within, The Ultra Zone, Voodoo Acid and Windows to the Soul.

Alien Love Secrets The Alien Love Secrets book contains color photos of Steve Vai and 7 songs.

Find sheet music with guitar tab for Bad Horsie, Juice, Die to Live, The Boy from Seattle, Ya-Yo Gakk, Kill the Guy With the Ball/The God Eaters and Tender Surrender.

Flex-Able Leftovers Flex-Able Leftovers from an early Steve Vai album and is highly recommended to guitar players everywhere for its original and leading edge rock music style.

Find guitar tab for #?@! Yourself, So Happy, Bledsoe Bluvd, Natural Born Boy, Details At Ten, Massacre, Little Pieces Of Seaweed, San Sebastian, The Beast Of Love, You Didn't Break It, The X-Equalibrium Dance, Chronic Insomnia and Burnin' Down The Mountain.

Alive In An Ultra World Alive In An Ultra World contains 15 Steve Vai songs for 15 different countries.

Find guitar tab for Alive in an Ultra World, Babushka, Being with You (In Paris), The Black Forest, Blood and Glory, Brandos Costumes (Gentle Ways), Burning Rain, Devil's Food, Giant Balls of Gold, Iberian Jewel, Incantation, Light of the Moon, The Power of Bombos, Principessa and Whispering a Prayer.

Fire Garden The Fire Garden sheet music book includes color photos of Steve Vai and 18 songs.

Find guitar tab for Warm Regards, Dyin' Day, Little Alligator, The Mysterious Murder of Christian Tiera's Lover, The Crying Machine, When I Was A Little Boy, Hand On Heart, All About Eve, Bangkok, Damn You, There's A Fire In The House, Whookam, Blowfish, Deepness, Aching Hunger, Fire Garden Suite: Bull Whip/Pusa Road/Angel Food/Taurus Bulba, Genocide and Brother.

Fire Garden: Naked Vamps The Fire Garden: Naked Vamps by Steve Vai includes a sheet music book with a play along CD with actual backing tracks for 8 songs from Fire Garden.

Find guitar tab for The Crying Machine, Taurus Bulba from Fire Garden Suite, Aching Hunger, There's A Fire In The House, Little Alligator, Blowfish, Warm Regards and Brother.

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